Updated May 30, 2007
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At Cellinite Technologies we believe that we can solve the water pollution in our oceans, lakes, and rivers by treating the problem at the source.  Little do people know that these “sources” are grease traps in small restaurants, hog farms miles away from bodies of water, and ponds on some of the most prodigious golf courses; just to name a few.  After studying these conditions, we have realized that these and other potentially polluting environments have low to no oxygen levels.  Anaerobic bacteria thrive in these conditions and produce hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs; which can produce toxic and corrosive gases like Sulfuric acid.  To combat these conditions we developed Cellinite BioTabs™, a patented timed-release tablet that supersaturates the environment with oxygen, buffers, and nutrients to support the growth of aerobic bacteria for effective bioremediation.  Aerobic bacteria is a better bacteria to use for bioremediation because it does not cause odors like Hydrogen Sulfide since they produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a colorless and odorless gas.  By incorporating these elements, we have created an effective treatment for solid waste and odors for a number of applications.  To learn more about our technology please view our Technology page, Frequently Asked Questions Page, and Testimonials page.


Grease Trap – Eliminates odors, prevents back-ups, and reduces scheduled maintenance

Wastewater Facilities – Increases efficiency and volume, prevents clogging, reduces solids by 95%, lowers Hydrogen Sulfide levels, increases plant lifespan.

Car Washes – Eliminates noxious odors, reduces spotting on cars, Reuse washdown water up to 40%

Septic Systems – Breaks down toilet paper by 15%, supports leachfield, prevents back-ups and noxious odors

Portable Toilet – Works under any condition, reduces solid waste, features an effective, biodegradable, and non-staining dye; eases maintenance, leaves pleasant scent

Ponds – Eliminates odors, reduces algae and scum significantly, leaves crystal clear water, easy to use, fast-acting

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