Updated May 30, 2007
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Grease Trap

“...I will gladly endorse your product. The Bio tablets you specially formulated for our unique application definitely reduced our problems. As you noticed our grease trap system here at the Statue of Liberty Concession is unique. But your tablets not only addressed our problems, but they met our environmental criteria. Having recently been recognized by the EPA, and receiving the 2001 US  EPA Waste Wise Small Business Partner of the Year Award, having a product as environmentally friendly as yours is a blessing…”

- Gerardo Gonzales, Director of Food Service for Evelyn Hill Inc; Statue of Liberty

Grease Trap

“[Cellinite] BioTabs™ are absolutely the best Grease Trap product I have ever used.  It has eliminated all of our odor and backup problems.  I highly recommend Cellinite BioTabs™ to every restaurateur.  A must have in any kitchen.” 

- Joseph Van Gieson Executive Chef of The Bethwood, Totowa, NJ. - President of the International Chefs Association

Wastewater Facility

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Bio-Tabs for reducing Hydrogen Sulfide from our forced main entering the East Providence Wastewater Treatment Facility.

The Town of Barrington recently experienced a collapsed forced main at the end of the 3.5 mile 24 inch diameter pipe. The collapse was due to sulfide corrosion. Measured levels were reported between 200-400+ ppm in atmospheric samples.

To reduce H2S levels and prevent future problems it was decided to treat for H2S removal at 2 of the 3 pump stations discharging into this forced main. The 2 stations chosen were the Bay Spring Station which is closest to end of pipe at 2 miles and the Brickyard Station which is furthest from the end of pipe at 3.5 miles.

Barrington investigated various systems to reduce H2S those being Bioxide, Bacta-Pur, Potassium Permanganate in liquid form plus the new solid form sticks (CR) Control Release extruded potassium permanganate and Cellinite Bio-Tabs.

As the pump stations are in residential areas and homes are within 100 feet from the stations, Barrington took into consideration vandalism, security, aesthetics, noise, power and water consumption, equipment, chemical costs, construction and product delivery.

These considerations eliminated all but Potassium Permanganate CR and Cellinite Bio­Tabs. Both products are in solid form and do not require power, carry water, construction, dispensing equipment etc... Barrington tried both products with success. The Potassium Permanganate CR is placed in a netted bag and submerges into the wet well. The Bio-tabs are just tossed into the wet well. The following log shows when and how much each product was used, the daily flow rates and atmospheric H2S readings taken at end of pipe. You will also notice that flow rates also affect H2S readings. As the flows increase, the H2S decreases. This allowed us to easily adjust daily dosing of the Bio-Tabs and control chemical costs.

Annual chemical costs were estimated to be Permanganate at $31,000 and Bio-tabs at $20,000.

As both products proved near equal in effectiveness the Bio-Tabs were chosen, not only for cost but also ease of handling. The Bio-tabs are clean solid disc requiring only gloves for handling. Any broken pieces can be simply swept into to wet well. The Potassium Permanganate CR, although solid, requires proper dust masks, eye protection and gloves. When broken the Permanganate will leave a dust that is hazardous and when moist will stain anything it comes in contact with. This will require special cleaning products.

We are presently testing the Bio-tabs at another pump station for its effectiveness in grease reduction in the wet well. In just 2 weeks the operators have noticed the grease layer looking a bit softer. This trial will continue. If successful the Bio-tabs will be our choice for grease control.

We are very pleased with the Bio-Tabs. I must say, being in the wastewater business for 28 years I have seen and tried many products that promised to be the -solution for my problems. When I heard how simple the Bio-tabs were I thought this was another product with false hopes. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that the [Cellinite] BioTabs are all you said they were.

I wish you great success with this product. If needed, I will be glad to discuss our success with any potential customer of yours.

- Tony Silva, Dept. of Public Works, Town of Barrington

Lift Station

Since having the Cellinite tablet addition to the primary grease collection tank, it has worked flawlessly. It eliminates odors and the need to have my grease tank cleaned. This process has reduced the cost associated with primary grease treatment by 80%. Thank you for a great product that actually works and provides operational cost savings to the City.

- Thomas Azevedo, Assistant Superintendent Water Pollution Control, City of East Providence

Portable Toilet

“We had Ski Instructor training early fall [2004] and the water in the facilities was turned off since the mountain isn’t officially open for a few more months.  The only source of utilities available was a portable toilet that wasn’t pumped on schedule and it was so disgusting that the odors made my eyes water and one girl thought it was so bad that she would drive to a Dunkin Donuts to use their restroom.  I told Cellinite about our problem and they gave us six BioTabs™ to help treat the odor problem, two for the first treatment and one for every week after.  I treated the stall on Wednesday and returned to training on Saturday and it was like night and day!  During the three days after treatment, staff and instructors continued to use the portable toilet and the tablets kept the stall fresh; even without pumping!  Afterwards, we continued to treat it with one tablet once a week [with scheduled pumping] and all odors were gone; Cellinite’s BioTabs™ are awesome.”

- Jodie Swider, Ski Instructor, Blue Hills Ski Area; Canton, MA

Car Wash

“It’s [Cellinite’s BioTabs™] a must for every car wash.  Our constant battle with the odor and the cost of only reclaiming 30% of the water vanished.  With weekly use of BioTabs™ we reuse up to 40% of our water and we no longer have problems with odor.”

- Tony Debarros , Wash World, Needham, Massachusetts

Car Wash

“...BioTabs™ helped us breakdown the thick oils and lard and eliminated the odors associated with the wash-down waste.  We are able to reuse the water without the fear of spotting on freshly cleaned cars.  Not only has BioTabs™ made our company happier, but our customers are happier as well.”

 Felix Taranto, Triton Wash, Walpole, Massachusetts:


I am writing on behalf of Sea Watch to say thank you for your support these last few months. We appreciate the time and effort that you have extended to us...

As you may recall, we have many factors to consider in our wastewater treatment facility. Some of these factors are:

1. Sludge levels

2. Equipment

3. Proper screening before entering the treatment facility.

Sea Watch is considering plans to install screening equipment to eliminate the high hydraulic loading to the treatment facility, but is also interested in finding other ways to reduce the odors and further lower the BOD.

For the past month, We have been using your tablets on a regular basis in the wastewater treatment facility. There has been a substantial decrease in the odors coming from the tanks. We have also noticed a favorable change in the sludge density. The sludge has changed from a thick dark liquid to a light gray color with fewer solids. I anticipate a good report when we have the BOD levels analyzed this quarter (June).

The preliminary results look very promising. We are looking forward to the results after the screening equipment is in place. With use of both the screening equipment and the Bio Tabs product, we should see a dramatic decrease in odors and BOD.

Thank you again for your support and expertise.

- Stephen D. Ivester, Environmental Manager; Sea Watch International, Ltd.

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