Updated May 30, 2007
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Cellinite Technologies is the product of a new insight into an old problem.  The pollution of the world's oceans has been going on for generations, and solutions have always focused on using chemicals to remove pollutants from the ocean.  Cellinite believes that the focus should be on finding natural methods to eliminate potential pollutants before they ever reach the ocean.  Major sources of such pollutants include hog and cattle farms, grease traps and lift stations, and portable toilets, just to name a few.

Cellinite is determined to find environmentally friendly ways to break down the wastes produced by these sites.  Our research led us to aerobic bacteria, which we determined could efficiently break down organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, given the optimal environment for germination.  To reproduce this environment, we developed Cellinite BioTabs™, a revolutionary delivery system in the form of a timed-release tablet.  BioTabs combine aerobic bacteria with oxygen, pH buffers, and nutrients to create an optimal environment for biodegradation.

The BioTabs treatment is incredibly easy to use, and appropriate for many residential, commercial, and environmental applications.  Once submerged in wastewater, the BioTabs tablet begins to effervesce microfine oxygen bubbles.  This oxygen action buries the tablet in the sediments at the bottom of the wastewater, while distributing the bacteria, oxygen, buffers and nutrients evenly through the whole environment.  This unique bottom-up distribution means that BioTabs, unlike powders and liquids, need no additional treatment or servicing—or even stirring.  In most environments, one dose a week is enough to eliminate odors and break down solids.

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