Updated June 18, 2007
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The majority of bathroom odors originate from the plumbing's collection system. You have started using Cellinite BioTabs - Boat & RV tablets; however, you would like to take additional steps to improve your "head" experience. Follow these simple steps to improving your overall experience.

  1. Completely Clean The Bathroom - Spills happen, messes accumulate and odors linger; these problems, besides odors rising from the collection system, are some of the main causes of bathroom odors. Be sure to keep the bathroom odor-free by ensuring the areas around the toilet and sink are cleaned regularly.
  2. Keep The Drains Clear - Its easy to wash everything down the drain. Just make sure there is nothing being trapped in the screens or piping. Decaying matter like food or paper goods can increase the chances of odors rising from your plumbing.
  3. Collection System Maintenance - Do not leave a full tank unattended. Still wastewater can begin to separate into two layers: liquid and solids. The solids will begin to cake the tank walls and will be harder to remove as time goes by. Cellinite Technologies, Inc. recommends either emptying the tank during long periods of inactivity or apply Cellinite BioTabs once a week to ensure solids do not form.
  4. Limit Using Harsh Chemicals - Cellinite BioTabs is a bioremediation treatment, which means it utilizes bacteria to breakdown organic wastes. Flushing harsh chemicals like bleach down the plumbing can inhibit the bacteria's ability to do their job. Try timing your maintenance/cleaning schedule with the days you pump your collection system; this way you can apply Cellinite BioTabs in a fresh tank.
  5. Use A Car or Air Freshener - Although this method just masks the odors, you can add any type of fragrance that you enjoy!

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