Updated March 1, 2007
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March 1, 2007

For Immediate Release

Cellinite BioTabs™ New Price Structure, Media Kit

Cellinite BioTabs™ continues to be the most cost-effective treatment for grease and odor reduction.

Cellinite Technologies, Inc. announced today that they have reconstructed their pricing to stay competitive with the wastewater treatment market. The adjusted pricing structure will allow organizations with tight budgets to purchase Cellinite BioTabs™ and to incorporate them into their maintenance schedule.

Previous pricing schedule drew a lot of interest from distributors; however, smaller municipalities and industrial companies (including service companies) were unable to afford the amount of product required for effective bioremediation. The new pricing schedule addresses the budget associated with running and maintaining wastewater treatment systems.

To support the new pricing structure, Cellinite Technologies, Inc. has developed a new media kit containing company information, product information sheets, and case studies.

Cellinite BioTabs™ is a non-hazardous bioremediation product that uses a patented oxygen delivery system to support the development of aerobic bacteria and the degradation of organic solids.

New pricing schedule effects all products and applications. Contact Justin Adelson, Marketing Communications Manager , for details; price list and media kit available by request.



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