Updated March 14, 2006
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Cellinite Technologies, Inc. Making BioTabs Easier
March 02, 2006

The easiest and most effective wastewater treatment is now simpler than before. Cellinite Technologies, Inc. is moving forward with production and distribution of the patented Cellinite BioTabs™. The new marketing and sales leadership has taken initiative to cover important aspects of the company necessary for strong sales. Marketing tools including literature, the web site, product labels, and packaging have been designed to accelerate product usage and sales.

Cellinite BioTabs™ has been chosen over other treatments because it is the most effective treatment to mitigate odors in wastewater and, the safest and easiest to use. Cellinite BioTabs™ are non-hazardous, do not require measuring of messy chemicals, and additional equipment is not necessary to achieve maximum effectiveness (aerators, mixers, etc.). To make application even easier, Cellinite BioTabs™ are being packaged in flip-top pails that will keep the product dry and effective. Additionally, Cellinite BioTabs™ Portable Toilet Tablets are packaged in convenient plastic tubes. Users just need to take off the top, squeeze the tube to allow one tablet to drop into the tank or basin. The Cellinite BioTabs™ Portable Toilet Tablets are great for mitigating odors and breaking down solids in portable toilet stalls, boats, and recreational vehicles.

On the Cellinite Technologies, Inc. website (www.biotabs.net) is a published case study detailing the effectiveness of Cellinite BioTabs™ abilities to reduce Hydrogen Sulfide levels in wastewater facilities and pump stations. Hydrogen Sulfide is a problem in the wastewater industry because is it a main source of noxious odors and it can create hazardous and corrosive conditions that can reduce system lifespan and damage pipes. The Town of Barrington, Rhode Island has a lift station that pumps wastewater 3.5 miles to a wastewater treatment facility through a 24” forced main. The 24” forced main is too large in diameter for the volume of wastewater pumped. The headspace within the pipe combined with a reduced flow rate created a corrosive environment, which caused catastrophic failure of the last 100 feet of pipe leading to the treatment facility. The hydrogen sulfide levels reached up to 200 parts per million and created sulfuric acid so hazardous that it corroded the piping.

Barrington realized that they needed to treat their problem at the source. After taking into consideration factors like electricity, equipment, cost-effectiveness, and noise they found that Cellinite BioTabs™ was one of the best and easiest treatments for their case. Barrington treated the lift station with 9 lbs. of tablets a day and found a 93.8% reduction of dissolved hydrogen sulfide and a 95.6% reduction of atmospheric sulfuric acid at the end of the forced main. In addition, Barrington saw a significant reduction in the solid grease and grease cap. After two weeks of treatment the total grease solids were reduced by 95 to 99% and all that is left of the grease cap are “little grease balls”. Barrington is currently using 3 lbs. of Cellinite BioTabs™ a day, which keeps their hydrogen sulfide levels between 0 and 20 ppm, their odors mitigated, and their grease solids diminished.

Cellinite BioTabs™ will make a great addition for a distributor who is looking for a new and cutting-age technology to add to their product line. There are a variety of applications where Cellinite BioTabs™ are an effective treatment and a lot of markets to be reached. Any distributor who sells products for wastewater will find Cellinite BioTabs™ great for business.

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