Updated September 10, 2007
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"We had a bad smell coming from the galley grey water tank. I used a fork and running water to get a [Cellinite] BioTabs™ down the sink drain. Almost immediately the smell disappeared and after the flushing down the drain. I like the ease of use and the fact that the unused tabs do not smell up my storage area like the liquid and little bag products do...

…There are so many markets for your product! Marines – porta-potties…sporting good stores – hunters, fishermen, van people w/potties…get the RV dealers to add one with each RV sold and they can even include the price in the RV sales price.

Your BioTabs™ are the best anti-stink product I've seen so far, and I've seen a lot, the biggest plus for my wife is no perfume smell (she's allergic)."



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